Lawn grasses are generally classified into two groups: warm season grasses and cool season grasses. Your local garden store will stock varieties most suitable to your area. They will usually offer a variety to fit sunny, shady, or heavy use lawns. Many homeowners will opt for a blend of grasses which will offer a varying degree of benefits.

Warm Season Grass:

Zoysia - A tough, heat and drought resistant grass. It is well suited for high use areas.

St. Augustine - Good for shady areas.


Buffalo Grass- Tough and resilient.

Bermuda- Drought tolerant.


Cool Season Grass:

Annual Ryegrass - A quick growing annual often mixed in with other grasses to get new lawns off to a quick start. Also used as a winter cover on farmlands and gardens to provide nitrogen and minimize soil erosion.

Kentucky Bluegrass - By far the most popular for fine textured, rich looking lawns.

Annual Bluegrass - Not frequently used.

Canada Bluegrass

Creeping Bentgrass - Should be mowed below 1/2 inch.

Fine Fescue

Perennial Ryegrass - Quick growing like annual ryegrass, only a tough perennial.

Red Fescue - Grows best in shady areas.

Tall Fescue - Drought tolerant. Also sometimes used in warm season areas.

Velvet Bentgrass