Lawnmower Service

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Lawn Mower (all brands) Tune-up Special

  • Change engine oil and filter applicable*
  • Lubricate chassis, wheel spindles, pivoting axle, deck or auger
  • Sharpen and balance mower blades or replace*
  • Check mower level and adjust if necessary
  • Inspect, clean, regap or replace spark plug(s)*
  • Clean engine and transmission cooling fins and air intake
  • Inspect powertrain and add lubricant if required
  • Inspect belts and pulleys, and replace if necessary*
  • Check tire pressure and adjust if necessary
  • Clean battery terminals-fill and charge battery
  • remove rear wheels/tires and lubricate axle
  • Inspect and lubricate steering
  • Inspect and adjust carburetor if necessary
  • Test engine RPM's and adjust if necessary
  • Clean air filter or replace*
  • Check starting, charging and ignition systems
  • Inspect shift/clutch mechanisms and lubricate
  • Inspect throttle control cable, check operation
  • Check and adjust PTO clutch air gap
  • Replace in-line fuel filter*
  • Inspect front axle bearings, bushings and pulleys
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Clean deck shell and check spindle bearings
  • Dielectric ignition switch when accessible
  • Pressure wash entire unit, weather permitting
  • Estimate any additional repairs required
  • Test overall performance

Riders $220.00/under 26" push/walk behinds $65.00

*Parts are additional 30 day warranty

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